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Southern Press and Packings’ priority is to,
supply an all-natural quality product, packed fresh, and full of goodness


Southern Press and Packing

the home of Regenerage Blueberries

Over the years you’ll have seen our name on several Blueberry products both on the internet and grocery stores.

Our logo may have changed on different products, over the years. however, whether you have our fresh and frozen blueberries or our 100% blueberry juice, one thing has never changed, and that’s our priority:

to supply an all-natural quality product, packed fresh, and full of goodness

Southern Press and Packing

A brief introduction to Southern Press and Packing

Step into the world of Southern Press and Packing, where blueberries are more than just a delectable treat or a filling for your favorite pies. Unquestionably, with over 18 years of dedicated experience in growing these sweet gems, we live and breathe blueberries.

Firstly, as a third-generation family-owned and run business, Southern Press and Packing infuses our operations with a combination of agricultural expertise and business acumen. Without a doubt, our passion lies in offering Georgia’s finest locally-grown farm products to our beloved community.

What’s new

Currently, Southern Press & Packing is embarking on an exciting journey of expansion. For instance, we’re committed to extending the fresh ripening season by seeking out new blueberry varieties from neighboring farms in and around Southeast Georgia. As a result, through meticulous research and collaboration, we aim to bring you the finest selection of blueberries throughout the year.

Areas of expertise

Obviously, over the years we have provided various versions of blueberry products. However, rather than be good at a dozen items, we would rather excel at just a few.


Fresh and frozen blueberries

Our main production areas are of course, fresh in various clamshell sizes and frozen.

Blueberry juice

In addition to this, in 2012, we partnered with the University of Georgia to establish and promote the exceptional nutritional health benefits of blueberries.

At this time, our local Pierce County school systems introduced blueberry juice infused with the goodness of nature to the school children. It goes without question, that this Regenerate 100% Pure Blueberry Juice, was extremely popular. In this case, we carefully packaged in convenient 4oz cartons, and each serving holds half a cup of fruit. Firstly, not only does this delightful beverage help students achieve their nutritional goals set by the state. In addition, it also supports the local economy, keeping every sip connected to the roots of our community.

Here at Southern Press and Packing, our priority is clearly to supply an all-natural quality product, packed fresh, and full of goodness

Located at 1865 Peacock Dairy Road in Blackshear, GA, we invite you to indulge in the bountiful flavors of our blueberries and taste the passion that goes into every harvest.


Contact us on 912.807.0422 and experience the epitome of all-natural goodness of blueberries.


Southern Press and Packing

Southern Press and Packing, Inc.

1865 Peacock Dairy Road, Blackshear, GA 31516
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